RockType: Evolution of pore geometry and flow properties in microbialites

PIs: Rachel Wood, Rink van Dijke, Zeyun Jiang, Patrick Corbett

Objectives: To understand the nature, timing and impact of diagenetic events in order to model the evolution of flow properties of the final reservoir rock with burial.

SatuTrack: Saturation tracking and identification of residual oil distributions using X-Ray CT, SEM, and pore-scale modelling techniques

PIs: Ian Butler, Florian Fusseis, Rink van Dijke, Sebastian Geiger

Objectives: 3D/4D tomographic imaging and fluid flow experimentation to map multiphase fluid distributions and saturation

MechSeis: Geomechanics for deformed carbonate poroperm and acoustic property prediction

PIs: Helen Lewis, Elma Charalampidou, Gary Couples

Objectives: Calculation of pre- and post-deformation, density, strains and acoustics to derive predictive relationships for (mechanical) rock type and deformation type.

GeoMeChem: Multi-scale experimental and numerical investigation of geo-mechanical and chemical reservoir damage of carbonate reservoir rock during hydrocarbon production

PIs: Chris McDermott, Gary Couples, Ian Butler

Objectives: Core flooding and simulation experiments to understand multi-physics models of carbonate rock behaviour under in situ reservoir conditions of temperature, polyaxial stress and diverse aggressive fluid flow.

ReactCarb: Pore-scale reactive transport modelling in carbonates

PIs: Sebastian Geiger, Rink van Dijke, Rachel Wood

Objectives: Use reactive transport modelling in oil field systems to study the diagenetic differences between oil and water legs within a reservoir to understand how this could cause spatial variations in wettability. 

PROMEF: Pore space reconstruction of Microporosity/Macroporosity and effective multiphase flow

PIs: Zeyun Jiang, Rink van Dijke, Sebastian Geiger, Rachel Wood

Objectives: Multi-scale reconstruction and upscaling to compute effective flow properties in carbonate rocks using digital rock physics.

VSP: Characterization of porosity/fracture anisotropy and rock physics from azimuthal/3D VSP’s

PIs: Mark Chapman, Andrew Curtis

Objectives: Modelling the seismic response of rock containing anisotropic and multi-scaled pore systems by integrated analysis of log data, VSP and, laboratory data from outcrop analogues.

4D Rock Physics: Characterisation of 4D fluid/rock physics on pre/post-salt porosity from CT and synchrotron micro-tomography

PIs: Ian Main, Ian Butler, Mark Chapman, Jim Sommerville, Florian Fusseis, Andrew Curtis

Objectives: Characterise relationship of seismic velocity information into inferences about changes in stress, fluid pressure, porosity, permeability and saturation using laboratory tests, 4D CT-scanning, and microtextural analysis

Stevensite: Laboratory constraints and thermodynamics of Mg-silicate formation and diagenesis in non-marine carbonate reservoirs

PIs: Nick Tosca

Objectives: Characterise the conditions under which Mg-silicate minerals form and remain stable during the early diagenesis of non-marine carbonate cements.

BasDiHist: Significance of basin-scale processes for the diagenetic evolution of carbonate formations

PIs: Helen Lewis, Rachel Wood, Sebastian Geiger, Patrick Corbett

Objectives: Integrate basin modelling, structural reconstruction, and heat-flow simulations to estimate permeability and porosity evolution between wells.